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 Personalised Veterinary Physiotherapy for your beloved animals


Here at Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd., we are dedicated to helping you and your animal. Whether that is following on from an injury or condition, for improving performance, or simply for maintenance, we want to ensure your animal is living their best life!

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Equine Physiotherapy

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Canine Physiotherapy


What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy adopts a holistic approach through functional assessment of their patients, allowing them to identify areas of pain, weakness or loss of function/performance.


  • It is a non-invasive approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries or disorders as well as neurological deficits, enhancing performance, aiding in pre- and post-surgical intervention as well as promoting quality of life.


  • Veterinary Physiotherapy is based on clinical reasoning and involves working alongside other professionals to create the most effective treatment program for the individual.

  • Each treatment is personalised to the needs and circumstances of the individual to promote an optimum and pain-free lifestyle.

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Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible following injury or diagnosis of a condition. Ideally we want to return the animal to full functionality of the affected area and other compensatory areas, ensuring any pain is managed. Rehabilitation sessions are likely to be more frequent than maintenance or performance sessions.


Performance tends to focus more on specific areas to ensure optimal performance, this may include strength training, endurance, agility, flexibility etc. alongside prehabilitation. This would be utilised more so in animals used for performance purposes and competition.


There is some overlap between performance and maintenance but maintenance physiotherapy is often to ensure your animal remains fit and healthy preventing objectively measurable deterioration, sustaining or improving quality of life.

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