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Referral/Consent to Treat

Under the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Act 2015, a veterinary physiotherapist must request permission from a Veterinary Surgeon before treatment commences if this animal is currently under veterinary care e.g. for an ongoing condition or injury. Prior to Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. seeing your animal, a referral form must be completed.

If physiotherapy is for maintenance reasons, it is important that the animal is registered with a veterinary practice and that Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd has access to this information should referral for veterinary intervention be required. When visiting your animal for maintenance purposes you will be required to complete and sign an 'Owner Consent Form' prior to the visit.

Please see below the appropriate form for your animal.

Veterinary Referral Form

This form is for your veterinary practice to complete and sign to ensure they are happy for me to commence with assessment and treatment, when your animal is under veterinary care following on from an injury or ongoing health condition.

Please send this to your veterinary practice and ask them to return it completed to or contact them prior to Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd sending this form on your behalf to agree for your and your animals information to be shared with us.

Owner Consent Form

This form is for you to complete and sign to show that you agree to assessment and treatment of your animal, that your animal to your knowledge is healthy, has no ongoing health conditions and has been seen by a Veterinary Surgeon within the last 12 months. By completing this form you agree for Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. to contact your veterinary practice for further information about your animal, to share information about our sessions and to refer to them if I see anything of concern.

Please complete this prior to Alpha Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. visiting your animal and send the completed document to

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